Frequenty asked questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequent questions about EveryEye.

Can older people use glasses to correct the visual impairments simulated by EveryEye?

No, older people experience a decline in their vision that cannot be corrected by glasses or anything else. In fact EveryEye assumes older people are wearing the correct prescription for any long or short sightedness they may have. If you are interested to find out more read how vision declines with age.

Why can’t I just make sure that the contrast is always high and the font size is always large?

By using very large fonts with high contrasts you can make text reliably readable. However good professional site design always involves getting the right balance between a lot of factors. Accessibility is extremely important, but so is branding, functionality, usability, communication, etc. EveryEye allows you achieve the best balance between these factors by allowing you to see your designs the way older and colour blind people will see them. This will enable you to achieve the required level of accessibility without compromising other important design objectives.

Will using EveryEye mean that all my designs loose their aesthetic edge?

No, quite the opposite. EveryEye allows you achieve the delicate balance between aesthetics and the needs of older and colour blind people. EveryEye allows you to see your designs the way older and colour blind people will see them, so that you can arrive at a design that looks good to all audiences.

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