About us

EveryEye was designed, developed and brought to market by dedicated experts. Here you can find out a little more about the principal members of the evereye team.

dr mischa weiss-lijn - lead interaction designer and founder

Mischa has a wealth of exprience in designing interactive systems which he has used to make sure EveryEye fits seamlessly into the designer's workflow. Mischa has worked in research and design for a number of companies over the years including: Oyster partners, BT, Xerox PARC, Apple Computers, and Sainsbury's Logistics division. The idea for EveryEye came to Mischa while he was thinking about why older people find using computers so difficult. He went on to bring together the EveryEye team and work on the concept development, interface design, and business strategy. Mischa holds a PhD in Human Computer Interaction from University College London and a BA degree in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University.

- chief scientist and technical architect

Jason has several years of industry experience in designing and implementing advanced image processing algorithms. He brings his scientific, mathematical, and programming expertise to EveryEye and holds a PhD in Computer Vision from University College London, where he developed ways to model the human visual system using real time image processing techniques (aka neuromorphic algorithm design).

elliot ronald - strategy director

Elliot is a business strategy consultant with seven years' experience in business strategy and new venture development. Elliot is Director of Ronald Ventures, a London-based strategy consultancy firm. Elliot's role at EveryEye includes strategy, partnering, business development, and marketing. Elliot previously worked in strategy management consultancy for Ernst & Young and Accenture. Clients include BP, Ford, Nokia, Cabinet Office, and EU. Elliot holds an MA and BA degree in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University.